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Photo Editor

Powerful but simple and fast photo editor inspired by dozens of top rated apps and professional photographic tools, which leads to perfection. Unique crop tool, analog film-like filters and a bunch of adjustments to fine tune your photos and support your creativity.


Dear iPhoneography lover,

I and my friend, both Indie developers, were very disappointed with the current status of photo editing apps on iOS. We believed that there is a scope to create a better and more powerful photo editing tool and hence we formulated "Lumibee" to make your editing simple and fast before you can publish with our powerful toolset. Lumibee is inspired by dozens of top rated apps on the App Store and desktop photo editors like Adobe Lightroom.

Lumibee offers a lot of benefits; some of which are unique all across the App Store. Some of these exciting features include:

  • Crop Tool - Unique crop tool (inversed than standard crop tool in many apps), where you can zoom, rotate, set format and transform photo with maximum preview area. You can also "recrop" these photos anytime during editing.

  • Filters - These analog inspired filters are balanced by professionals and tested on large photo collections. The filter selection is optimized for thumb direction to allow quick browsing.

  • Toolset - The app offers a huge toolset with blazing fast real time response. It includes sixteen tools including popular Structure (Clarity) and 4 (Shadows, Darks, Lights, Highlights) to adjust photo tone. Most apps on the store only offer Shadows and Highlights. Our grain tool is not digital noise but it simulates analog film grain.

  • Interface - Lumibee provides a simplified user interface. Icons without description are very confusing. For instance, icon for saturation is different in every app. This is the reason why all icons in Lumibee appear with a description. Our interface uses only black, white and grey tones, hence the colors on the interface only belong to your photos.

  • Display - Our app is optimized for large displays (4.7" and 5.5") as well. On your large screen iPhones the "Share" menu will be just under your thumb and you can use a simple swipe back gesture to get back to the gallery.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our app. Thanks in advance for reviewing Lumibee,

Tomas Pastorek & Milian Riedel


Mail: [email protected]

Twitter: @lumibeephoto

Facebook: lumibeephoto